Jan designs was begun in September of 1979.  My studio is located in North West Spokane, Washington.

I was first introduced to Calligraphy during high school and I have continued to study in many design and calligraphy courses since then including classes at The Spokane Art School,   The Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, and many Calligraphy conventions and workshops including a year long study in Seattle in 1995.

I have been doing custom work for my wonderful clients for almost 40 years.  Many people bring me a poem or a letter or a saying that they want to gift to others.  I hand letter the quotation and add watercolor illustrations or some form of decoration to each piece.

Most of my artwork combines many other types of art such as handmade paper, paper marbling, collage, watercolor painting, gold leafing, hand made books and greeting cards.  Many of these different art forms can be seen in my artwork as I combine my love of color and painting with letters to design one-of-a-kind art pieces

My gallery features a line of over 100  different calligraphic works of art, ready for that last minute gift greeting card for a birthday or wedding or even just a present for yourself.